subject to constant change at every moment. sounds, people, images, motion, light, darkness, texture, patterns, philosophy, mysticism, truth, experience. sacred spaces for fucked up places. launchpads of cosmic creative consciousness. dive in, surrender and feel.

or you can just call it a band.



Consume Us

Dondo Mahatibu
Quoth the preacher:
"Hear Ye, Hear Ye
There is no corner of the universe we cannot reach
I came here to teach - I am of those with wings
Drink of the truth
It is water
Free energy/
Freed minds/Eternal time
Resonating at all frequencies
Receiving in totality
Transmitting crystal clarity
No hesitation
No complication
Higher meditation
Synaptic firing squad aiming far flung bullets through astrocytes
Light light light light light light light
Body riddled
I am dead
Wide eyed - watched it happen right in front of me
Took it all in and did not diffuse
Did the long division on those visions then threw the equations down the drain pipe
Voyeur whore
Stop looking over my shoulder for the answers
Go ahead and take a dive right down there if you think you can find them - be my guest - but you never will
The memory hole does not give up its secrets
Single servings only
And no sharing
The sound of the omnipresent becoming
Out in the distance
A voice offering
I am Justified
Born to light
My own words
A spell - reflected back to me
It doesn’t matter what direction you read them in
Two ways to look at something - then 4, then 12 - in no particular order - 64, 8, 16 - and then…
I begin again

You gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette.
Put out a few eyes to fashion the glory of the Esterházy gates.
Shoosh. I can almost hear the cries of the Angora rabbit through that fur lining on your jacket collar.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."
"I know, I know, I know, you’re RIGHT."
he snake eats its own tail.
The One creates and destroys while dancing the cosmic dance.
But you’re neither serpent nor God.
Somewhere in between
Two legs to stand on - no wings to fly.

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